Seven Advantages Of Handing Free Samples


If you're offering demonstrations or samples of your product itself However, it might appear as if you're throwing money in the trash. It's your specialty and you're confident that you're offering a quality product or service that must be able to demonstrate its worth. So why would you offer the product away at no cost? If you give them in the right amounts and thoughtfully, however, free samples, can be effective. Here are some benefits of offering product samples to customers for free.

Help spread the word

It is easy to boost awareness by offering free samples. Find the most efficient way to provide free samples to your target group and then let them spread your brand's name with their friends.

Shows your generosity

Distributing free samples indicates your business is generous. It's a gift that is free, without obligations. You're not asking for feedback, tips or future purchases. Instead, you trust them to make use of the product and make their own decision.

Receive feedback

Of course, you shouldn't be expecting feedback, but it doesn't mean that you can't get any. There's a chance that you will get feedback when you distribute samples of free products in person. You can receive online feedback by putting a hashtag or your Twitter handle on the packaging. You can retweet the most positive endorsements that your product is receiving, making your brand more visible.

Explores new product possibilities

Once you've completed a thorough testing process for new products, it might be a good idea to prepare samples for your target markets to test before mass-producing the product. It is possible that you'll receive positive reviews from your customers and it could be enough to convince your management to accept bulk production.

Tempts existing customers

You can provide free samples to customers who spend more than a certain amount. The samples could be for new product lines or related products - anything that'll tempt buyers to buy the product in the future.

Receives publicity

If your free demos or product samples are distributed in a particularly noteworthy way it is possible that you will receive press coverage or internet publicity about your company and products. Unsuspecting publicity stunts do not necessarily go over well with the general public you should be careful.

Gives confidence to your product

It indicates that you're willing to provide free samples of your product. Companies that have no confidence in their product will not be able to stop groups of people walking around and then find out that they don't like the product.

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